Swedish massage and more at Massage Mundo

We are Massage Mundo, the top massage spa in the northwest focusing on Swedish massage but offering many other techniques. At our facility, you will experience the healing touch of one of four trained practitioners, and you will leave with the many benefits of a quality massage.

Our clients are number one

Our biggest priority at Massage Mundo is making sure we deliver what our clients are expecting. Swedish massage is the most popular and widely known type of massage, and it is generally what people enter our office seeking. When we book your appointment, a short survey will ensure that Swedish massage is what will meet your needs, and you’ll be instructed to drink a lot of water the day prior to the massage to increase the effective removal of toxins during the massage.

Upon arrival at our massage spa, which is located in the downtown Seattle area, you’ll be led to our waterfall room, where you can disrobe to your comfort level and put on one of our luxurious, soft Egyptian terry cloth robes. It is optional, but we do have a sauna or bath room to warm the muscles prior to the massage.

Swedish massage can be performed at any level of pressure, so it is integral to the quality of the massage that you communicate your wishes to the masseuse, and they will guide you through the massage to increase your comfort. Following the massage, the therapist will remind you to continue drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and you’ll have the option of relaxing again in the waterfall room, which is equipped with plush lounge chairs, beverages, and the soothing sounds of water from our numerous water features.

Following any massage, you may get headaches or body aches, as toxins are released from your body. This is why we encourage drinking so much water, as it aids the process and keeps the symptoms to a minimum. More importantly, you will receive the benefits of improved circulation and flexibility. The other benefits of massage include decreased stress, increased emotional stability, and pain relief.

We also offer fascia massage, deep- tissue massage, and Reiki. If you aren’t familiar with any of these forms of massage, let us know. We are happy to inform you and have literature available about the benefits.

I’m Lynn Snyder, owner of Massage Mundo and graduate of Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts, and I want you to have the best massage experience available today. Please contact me for an appointment or if you have questions about our services.